Taking the Lead

The quality management system established by QSi follows the requirements of ISO 9001. QSi maintains procedures for document control, management responsibility, resources and product realization. These procedures are used to continuously improve our processes in order to supply the highest quality product, while providing excellent customer service through teamwork. QSi has a number of quality objectives which are used as performance indicators to monitor the quality management system.

QSi follows a stringent product test protocol.  The quality control group tests each product per ASTM standard test methods. All products must meet certain criteria throughout production and prior to its release.  Test specifications are established based on each customer’s requirements. QSi maintains statistical process control data to monitor product performance.

The data is used to analyze product trends and to identify significant process shifts. Release test results are then recorded on product specific certificates of analysis.  A certificate of analysis lists each release test that was performed and its specification range.  Product certificates of analysis accompany every shipment.

After all, quality assurance leaves everyone with peace of mind, as well as contributes to staying ahead of the curve.


Quantum-Silicones-LLC-ISO-9001 Certificate