The Amber Chemical Company, Ltd. Acquired by ICM Products, Inc.


ICM Products, Inc.’s New Partnership with the Amber Chemical Group Expands Offerings in Silicone Elastomers, while Extending their Global Presence.



RICHMOND, Va. – ICM Products, Inc. (ICM), a Century Park Capital Partners Portfolio Company, has acquired the Amber Chemical Group, Ltd. of operating companies, including: Quantum Silicones (QSi), headquartered in Richmond, Virginia; Siovation, based in Atlanta, Georgia; ACC Silicones Europe, Ltd., based in Bridgwater, United Kingdom; Amber Silicones Tianjin in China; and Treco SRL, based in Milan, Italy. The acquisition will extend ICM’s spectrum of products to silicone elastomers, adding more value to customers, and further expanding their end market reach into the United Kingdom, Europe and China.
“This venture is a great opportunity for QSi, and for the rest of the Amber Chemical companies,” stated Tom Loman, president of QSi. “Being a part of the ICM team will contribute to our continued growth.”
Headquartered in Cassopolis, Michigan, ICM is well positioned in the silicone chemicals market and develops specialized silicone polymers, defoamers and emulsions. ICM serves the automotive, personal care, food processing, mold release, printing and water treatment industries.
With complementary technology, the Amber Chemical Group offers custom-formulated solutions, and an extensive portfolio of specialty silicones for niche markets, such as electronics, photovoltaic, solar, automotive, molding and personal care. Additionally, the Amber Group comprises a network of distributors worldwide.
“We anticipate a wider range of chemical tools and processes that will enhance QSi’s overall technical toolbox,” said Phil McDermott, vice president of technology at QSi. “Ultimately, our customers will benefit from combined expertise as we continue to design next generation materials for their demanding applications.”
As closely aligned partners, ICM and all companies under the Amber Chemical Group are dedicated to building strong customer relationships, as well as providing accessible expert technical support, high-quality service and innovative products, with manufacturing processes following stringent ISO standards.
”QSi’s customers will experience a seamless transition and can expect the same outstanding service and products,” Loman further commented.
About ICM Products, Inc.

ICM Products, Inc. (“ICM” or the “Company”), headquartered in Cassopolis, Michigan, is a leader in the silicone chemicals market with expertise in developing specialized silicone polymers, defoamers and emulsions. The Company has an extensive portfolio of proprietary silicone blends that are used in a broad range of applications and end markets including personal care, food processing, mold release, cleaning, coatings and automotive care. ICM’s complex reaction and formulation processes ensure critical product performance features that are essential to customers and extremely difficult for competitors to replicate. For more information on ICM, please visit
About Amber Chemical Company, Ltd.

Headquartered in Bridgwater, United Kingdom, Amber Chemical Company Ltd. is a specialty silicones chemical group, developing diverse emulsion and elastomer products for niche markets. Amber Chemical Company provides flexible and adaptable manufacturing capabilities and in-depth technical expertise to satisfy local needs. The Amber Group is focused on the electronics, photovoltaic, solar, automotive, molding, personal care and chemical processing industries. For more information on Amber Chemical Company, please visit
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