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From QSi’s Moldmaking silicones, Ring’s found that QM 135 benefits their application of creating molds to cast urethane weaponry and equipment props.

As you’re watching one of your favorite action-packed TV series or movies, have you wondered to yourself whether or not that was a real firearm?  Well, next time you may want to think twice.

Ring’s Manufacturing originated from its parent company, Ring’s Studio Gun Rental Inc.  Established in 1989, Ring’s Studio Gun Rental Inc. supplied weapon related props and accompaniments to the motion picture and television series industries for prop masters using rubber mixtures in the southeastern area.  Ring’s Studio was also responsible for training actors on the set to properly use the blank firing weapons.

In the mid 1990’s, the opportunity arose for Ring’s Studio Gun Rental to purchase a rubber molding facility, now known as Ring’s Manufacturing.  Refining the craft, Ring’s began providing urethane foam stunt props to the same prop masters and manufacturing houses.

As Ring’s Manufacturing further developed as a leader in supplying weaponry props, they received an inquiry from the Orlando Police Department almost 15 years ago. “The Orlando PD heard about how we had been providing soft rubber guns for the movie industry,” recollects John Ring, owner of the company.  “They wanted to know if we could possibly manufacture a harder, even more realistic version for training purposes.  I didn’t realize that this could be another market for us.”

Ring’s began conducting extensive research on various urethanes that they could easily hand mix as well as produce fine details and quality to their finished product.  After experimenting with a few pigments, blue became the official color for the molded urethane weapons.

Ring’s now crafts the most detailed and durable training weapons available in today’s market.  Ring’s training weapons — known as “Firearm Simulators” later received the adopted name, “BLUEGUNS.”  Ring’s believes that in order to gain proper and safe tactical training, one should use a training aid that has the look and feel of what would be one’s personal weapon.

Because of BLUEGUNS’ precise size and dimensions, Ring’s welcomed an opportunity to supply BLUEGUNS to custom holster manufacturers.  BLUEGUNS are used as a guide for creating accurate fitting sizes for customized holsters as well as for display to market the finished holster.

QSi’s Consultative Approach to Serving Ring’s Manufacturing

In 2009, Ring’s Manufacturing reconnected with a mutual contact at QSi.  In an effort to improve productivity, Ring’s decided to explore various silicone options from QSi.  After consulting with QSi’s team and running tests with products from QSi’s Moldmaking series, Ring’s found that properties of QM 135 strongly benefited their application for creating urethane molds of weapons and equipment.

QSi’s QM 135 provides exact replication and transfer of intricate details of the actual weapon.  Because of QM 135’s durability, Ring’s increased the number of parts pulled from molds by at least 20 percent — ultimately lowering their purchasing costs.

In recent months, Ring’s has supplied props for television shows including Law and Order SVU, Revolutions and Bluebloods.  Cast of the motion picture, Pain and Gain, were also equipped with Ring’s weaponry props, which comes to theatres in April 2013.

“The feedback we receive [about our products] have been outstanding.  The one thing that sells our line is how realistic our products look and feel… Realistic enough you can even read the actual weapon’s serial number off each BLUEGUN,” proudly states Mr. Ring.

As a satisfied customer of QSi, Mr. Ring comments:

“Prompt service and prompt delivery.  I can always get ahold of someone [at QSi] and the product performance has been very consistent over the years.”

Creating a Mold


Is this an Actual Firearm or a Mold?                                                       It’s a BLUEGUN Painted Black

BLUEGUNS Display Case



A BLUEGUN Painted to Resemble its Actual Rifle


Ring’s Manufacturing Company Profile

Established: 1989

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Founders: Mr. Carl Ring and Mr. John Ring

Number of Employees: 35

Website: www.blueguns.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blueguns/138614016200229?fref=pb