QSi Offers Translucent Silicone for Custom Prosthetics and Special Effects

RICHMOND, Va. – Quantum Silicones LLC (QSi) expands their Moldmaking series with the QM True Skin 50, a two-part, addition cure silicone rubber. It has a low viscosity, low fluid bleed and excellent mechanical properties.

QM True Skin 50 will benefit custom prosthetic liner applications, skin molding and special effects, and is ideal where pigmentation is required. “QM True Skin 50 is very soft, but durable with a skin-like feeling. It’s a comfortable fit for patients with prosthetics,” said Eric Washington, QSi chemist.

For optimum performance, QM True Skin 50 is designed for elevated temperature curing, between 70°C and 150°C. Its cure speed will increase at higher temperatures. The QM True Skin 50 is translucent, tough and has a low durometer. QM True Skin 50 is not sensitive to off-ratio mixing, although it is formulated with a one-to-one mix ratio

The development of QM True Skin 50 was inspired by one of QSi’s customers in the healthcare industry that designs and fabricates custom-fitting prosthetics.

To complement the QM True Skin 50, QSil Smooth Coat was also developed. This odorless, silicone material is a two-component, translucent matte finish. QSil Smooth Coat offers low friction, and quickly cures at high temperatures between 90°C or 150°C.

Application of the QSil Smooth Coat is very versatile. With a one-to-one mix ratio, it can either be sprayed, brushed or dip-coated on untreated surfaces that are free of dust and grease.

Patients like the non-tacky aspect of this custom liner, which contributes to easily sliding their prosthetic on and off, according to Washington. The QSil Smooth Coat is also a very cost effective way to acquire a smooth, matte finish on most addition cure silicones. “A small amount of the QSil Smooth Coat will go a long way,” Washington said.

QSi’s sales team and technologists are all available to consult with you regarding your unique application. To speak with a technical specialist and request a product sample, please call 800-852-3147 or email info@quantumsilicones.com.

About Quantum Silicones, LLC

Founded in 1997, Quantum Silicones, LLC is a manufacturer of specialty silicone elastomers, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. QSi offers an extensive product series for Moldmaking, Potting and Encapsulating, Silicone Gels, Coatings and Specialty Product Enhancers.

At QSi, product development is inspired by the customer’s needs, requests and feedback. Committed to providing quality service and products, QSi’s team works closely with customers in order to pinpoint and recommend optimal silicone technology for unique applications worldwide. If needed, QSi’s expert technologists are capable of not only modifying specifications in existing products, but also accept opportunities to custom-formulate a new product.

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