QSi Moves into its new Headquarters


Quantum Silicones, LLC (QSi) Acquired New Building in Chesterfield, VA


The newly renovated 70,000 square foot facility at 7820 Whitepine Road is now QSi’s headquarters as well as its primary warehouse space for inventory and shipping/receiving location.

QSi’s current facility at 8021 Reycan Road – having 27,000 square feet – will operate solely as the manufacturing and technical location.  Since inventory has been relocated to the new building, space has become available to install a new 700 gallon hydro-clear Myers mixer – as QSi’s newest addition to its manufacturing equipment that includes seven high shear mixers, ranging from 120 gallons to 660 gallons.

“This expansion will allow our team to continue developing and manufacturing a broader range of products to satisfy our customers’ ever growing demands,” Phil McDermott stated, vice president of technology.

Through research, innovation and customer demand, QSi has steadily expanded their product portfolio.  Because of such a diverse market, QSi’s technologists accept opportunities to custom-formulate new products or tailor commercialized products to meet their customers’ exact specifications.  Within the last 24 months, 40 innovative silicone products were commercialized by QSi.

QSi, founded in 1997, manufactures a wide selection of silicone elastomer products including:

  • Moldmaking
  • Potting and Encapsulating
  • Silicone Gels
  • Coatings
  • Additional Specialty Product Enhancers

This extensive product portfolio gives QSi the ability to meet the demands of all its customers worldwide. Silicone applications among QSi’s customers are endless and range from:

  • Architectural reproduction
  • Conveyor belt coating
  • Undersea cable fill
  • Solar panel manufacturing
  • Prosthetics
  • Electronic protection
  • Special effects
  • Lighting and signage

One of QSi’s customers designs and manufactures large-scale LED scoreboards that can be found at familiar sporting and entertainment venues around the world as well as LED advertising displays along major routes across the U.S.  QSi‘s technology team designed exclusive products to accommodate this account with unique needs.

“QSi has experienced excellent growth since our formation in 1997.  Our dedicated team has been committed to developing and producing innovative, high-quality, silicone products and providing exceptional customer service.  As a result of our team effort and approach, we are expanding.  Our expansion is not only measured in square footage, but also manufacturing capacity to meet both our customers’ needs and our strategic growth plans for the future.  We are currently running two manufacturing shifts, but expect to begin running three shifts later in the year,” said Tom Loman, president.

During its 15 years as a specialty silicone manufacturer, QSi has significantly increased its revenue, customer base, employees and product portfolio.  Within the last two years, QSi has seen a 37.5 percent revenue increase for this privately-owned manufacturer and that pace is forecasted to continue. “We expect 2013 to be another great year for us with growth coming from our current product portfolio, new products, and increased sales throughout Europe,” said Matt Loman, sales manager.

Currently employing a team of 38, QSi’s staff has grown by 31 percent within the last five years.  Plans are to add at least five new employees this year.

Quantum Silicones was founded by its two current principals, Tom Loman and Phil McDermott.  Both Loman and McDermott have over 60 years of combined experience in the silicone industry. After researching various locations to headquarter their business, Chesterfield, Virginia matched their preferences because they believed that Chesterfield is geographically convenient and harnesses a business-friendly atmosphere.

“We have chosen to keep QSi headquarters in Chesterfield, Virginia as we expand because of its business friendly environment and its support for our growth needs.  With the continued support from our valued and loyal customers, our unique innovation, outstanding customer service and support from the Amber Chemical Group, Ltd., our parent company and partners, I envision further expansion in our future,” added Mr. Tom Loman.

In mid-1999, QSi became a part of the Amber Chemical Company, LTD (ACC) located in the United Kingdom.  ACC is a specialty silicones chemical group that develops diverse products for niche markets.  ACC has a global reach and has also been an excellent partner for QSi.

QSi's Management Team (from L to R): Phil McDermott, VP of Technology; Linda Butler, Assistant Controller; Tom Loman, President; Anna Clark, Business Quality Manager/Safety Director; Chris Douglas, Operations Manager; and Matt Loman, Sales Manager

QSi’s Management Team (from L to R): Phil McDermott, vp of technology; Linda Butler, assistant controller; Tom Loman, president; Anna Clark, business quality manager/safety director; Chris Douglas, operations manager; and Matt Loman, sales manager


Shelves are assembled at QSi's new warehouse with increased space to store even more material.

Shelves are assembled at QSi’s new warehouse and has significantly more space compared to the former warehouse.


Materials have been transferred to the new warehouse and has opened space for the installation of additional manufacturing equipment.

Materials have been transferred to the new warehouse and has opened space for the installation of additional manufacturing equipment.