QSi Develops its Latest UL Recognized Component for Electronic Potting and LED Encapsulation


As the Newest Potting and Encapsulating Silicone Elastomer, QSil 553LV Features Valuable Properties for Heat Dissipation and is UL 94 V-0 Listed.

RICHMOND, Va. – Meeting UL requirements for flame retardancy, the addition curing QSil 553LV is a silicone rubber designed to benefit electronic potting applications, such as power supplies, LED, circuit and electronic modules. Its physical properties enable this material to withstand extreme temperatures, protect sensitive components from moisture and debris, while being readily repairable.
QSil 553LV has a low viscosity allowing convenient dispensing and an easy flow throughout complex parts. This compound will cure in closed environments. It will not outgas or produce any byproducts since it is 100% silicone solids, containing no solvents.  Its long work life of 100 minutes will also allow time for air bubbles, which may be entrapped during dispensing, to dissipate.
“QSil 553LV is a great general purpose thermal management material,” said Phil McDermott, vice president of technology. “It balances both thermal conductivity and rheology, while maintaining a great cost-performance relationship.”
Electronic components often experience thermal expansion during temperature increase or collapse at decreased temperatures. To minimize CTE strain, QSil 553LV is a low modulus material, providing excellent flexibility as well as shock and vibration resistance. It will maintain its physical properties between the temperatures of -55°C up to 240°C.
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