New True Skin® Silicones will Help Users Create Versatile Designs for Prosthetics and Special Effects

Completely Customizable Silicones: The True Skin® series of translucent liquid silicone rubber are user-friendly and can feature a realistic appearance for prosthetics, special effects, animatronics and other applications.

The True Skin Silicone Series

The True Skin Silicone Series

The True Skin Series can create unique silicone prostheses and liners.

The True Skin Silicone Series can create unique silicone prostheses and liners.

The True Skin silicones can be pigmented to create drastic skin effects like artificial scars, wounds, burns, etc.

The True Skin Silicone Series can be pigmented to create drastic skin effects like artificial scars, wounds, burns, etc.

RICHMOND, Va. – The True Skin® series is now available from Quantum Silicones (QSi). The series features a selection of three Shore A hardnesses: 10, 20 and 30. All three grades are two-part, addition (platinum) cure silicones.

The translucent True Skin® 10, True Skin® 20 and True Skin® 30 are:

  • Easy to mix and apply: With a 1:1 mix ratio, it is convenient to weigh and mix Part “A” (the base) and Part “B” (the catalyst).
  • Pigmentable: Add drastic color effects to the silicone, or match individual skin tones. Pigments can be added after mixing Part “A” and Part “B” together. As long as both Part “A” and Part “B” remain at a 1:1 ratio, pigments can be mixed into either part. Silicone paints using pigments can also be painted onto a platinum cured silicone part.
  • Robust when diluted: Diluent fluid can be added to the True Skin® silicones to create an even softer, more pliable silicone while maintaining its durability. Adding diluent fluid will lower the silicone’s durometer and viscosity. The diluted silicone also makes it possible to apply in thin sections. Diluent fluid can be added up to 30 percent and will cure with minimum fluid bleed out.

Physical properties of the True Skin® silicones will offer a number of advantages in prosthetics, special effects, animatronics, 3D printing and other applications.

“The new True Skin® Series of products have very low viscosities which allow for excellent processability combined with remarkable physical properties for a wide breadth of applications,” stated Phil McDermott, QSi vice president of technology. “The combination of low modulus and high elongation along with excellent tear and tensile properties make this a very versatile group of silicones.”

For quick and easy dispensing, these low viscosity silicones can be dispensed from 50 milliliter and 400 milliliter cartridges. Cartridge dispensing eliminates the need to de-air the silicone, allotting more time to work with the silicone before it cures.

The True Skin® silicones all have a “knotty tear”. The tear will not continue to propagate through in a straight line. This characteristic helps prolong the life of the silicone part or mold.

Silicones inherently are non-irritant to skin. Prosthetic liners and other prostheses made of silicone will prove to be beneficial because of their versatile characteristics: provide a comfortable fit and adds cushion between limb and device, endure long-term wear and stretching, can be molded to fit specific shapes and sizes, and can be designed to match unique skin features.

Addition cure silicones have very low shrinkage properties with great dimensional stability when exposed to humidity or heat. With fast cure times, the True Skin® silicones can be demolded in just a few hours.

“The True Skin® series of products are very robust. They were designed for a wide range of market segments as received,” said Mr. McDermott.  “There are several specialty products that will work in conjunction with the True Skin® silicones as well, resulting in unique products for unique applications. As always, we recommend that any product enhancer or additive be trialed on a small scale to ensure suitability for your particular application.”

To help meet various process requirements, a selection of specialty product enhancers can be used with the True Skin® silicones. Diluent fluid lowers the silicone’s viscosity and durometer to produce an even softer feel. Pot life extenders are useful when more time is needed while casting large parts or filling in complex molds.

For applications requiring a smooth surface, the QSil Smooth Coat can be used with the True Skin® silicones. QSil Smooth Coat is a translucent, matte surface coating to reduce the coefficient of friction. It can be applied to cured platinum silicone by dipping, spraying or brushing.

QSi’s technologists also accept requests to modify a product to meet your required specifications or can custom-formulate a new silicone for your application.

If you’re ready for a seamless transition to QSi’s True Skin® silicones, contact our team for free product samples to start your trial run. Sample kits of the True Skins® are available as well as cured pieces of the silicones.

QSi’s technologists are available to answer your questions and consult with you regarding your unique application. To speak with a technical specialist and request product samples, please call 800-852-3147 or email