New Products at Quantum Silicones

QSi’s  product portfolio continues to grow.  In June, both the QSil Primer #3UV and QSil 550F were introduced.  QM 254 was commercialized later in July.

QSil Primer #3UV  is a general purpose primer for use with most silicone elastomers.  It is a one-component solvent based primer, tinted blue and contains a UV tracer for ease in visual inspection.

QSil 550F  is a 100% solids elastomer designed for electrical potting applications.  It is a two-component system, which offers hard, thermally conductive, low modulus material that is readily repairable.

And last, the QM 254 – added to the Moldmaking series –  is a good product choice when both low viscosity and high temperature stability are important to your application.

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