Moldmaking Silicone by QSi Exhibits Versatile Properties for Multiple Applications


The Latest QM 132T Features Three Catalyst Options to Benefit Applications Requiring Either Flowable or Brushable Moldmaking Material.

RICHMOND, Va. – Exhibiting versatility, QM 132T is a moldmaking silicone that can obtain either thixotropic or flowable properties.

The durable, two-component QM 132T is RoHS compliant and well suited for moldmaking applications, including prototyping and replicating architectural structures, sculptures and figurines. Polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resins are all compatible casting materials with this silicone.

“QM132T is designed for use as a flexible, translucent moldmaking material. This high strength, tear resistant silicone rubber cures at room temperature through a condensation cure reaction.  QM132T is especially good for molds with deep undercuts and for molds that require flexing for part removal,” said Rick Striker, QSi senior chemist.

With a 10:1 mix ratio by weight, three catalyst options are offered for QM 132T. By using QM Cat Purple, the mixed material will have a low viscosity. This enables an easy pour and thorough flow onto the master model, which contributes to creating detailed molds from complex models. Ideal for vertical surface applications, QM Cat Clear Thixo 2 can be used to acquire a thixotropic, brushable material.

The third compatible catalyst is QM Cat Purple SR 2, which also results in a low viscosity, flowable material. Additionally, this catalyst offers styrene resistance, resulting in increased productivity when casting styrene based resins.

QM 132T has a work life of approximately 35 minutes before the material doubles in viscosity. Its service temperature range of -50°C up to 150°C is good for casting urethanes due to the release of heat during the curing process of some urethanes. Its fast demold time ranges from 12 to 16 hours and will contribute to quick turnaround in manufacturing processes.

QSi’s sales team and technologists are all available to consult with you regarding your unique application. Please view the technical data sheet for QM 132T or request product samples. Contact QSi by telephone: 800-852-3147, or email: