Take the information you need with you. Below you will find a selection of resources on QSi’s silicone technology now available for downloading to your desktop or mobile device. By clicking on a link, the Adobe Acrobat PDF file will open in your browser with an option to either save or print the document. Please feel free to visit this section periodically as new literature will be added regularly.



QSi’s General Product Brochure

With over 150 years of combined silicone experience, both our expert chemists and sales team will take the time to understand your application. Through this consultative approach, our team is more prepared to solve problems and provide solutions. Not only can you purchase customized silicone, but you’ll also gain helpful silicone insight by working with us.

QSi EHS Bulletin #6 REACH SVHC

Download a copy of our general letter concerning the REACH compliance of QSi’s silicones. If you require a letter for specific products, please contact us.

QSi EHS Bulletin #7 Standard RoHS Report

Quantum Silicones prides itself in conforming to the highest ethical standards of conduct of our business, and in relationships with both customers and suppliers. Fundamental to this is meeting or exceeding conformance to legal and regulatory requirements on a global scale in avoiding the use of materials listed as controlled or regulated due to their hazardous nature. You can download a copy of our RoHS report for your records.

QSi’s Specialty Product Enhancers Brochure

QSi offers a series of specialty product enhancers for both addition cure (platinum) and condensation (tin) cure silicones. Because application processes all differ, these specialty products can be used to enhance physical properties as well as alter certain specifications or cure profiles of your silicone.

QSi’s Potting & Encapsulating Series Brochure

Potting compounds and encapsulation materials from QSi can endure extreme temperatures while protecting your components from vibrations, moisture, heat and atmospheric contaminants. Application of QSi’s potting and encapsulating elastomer products is versatile and can either be machine or hand dispensed.

QSi’s Moldmaking Series Brochure

Whether you are casting polyurethane foam, polyurethane resin, polyester, gypsum, stones, or low melt alloys like bronze, you can rely on QSi’s moldmaking silicones to consistently produce replicas. QSi’s moldmaking materials have many key features that all play an important role in the molding and duplicating process. Included are easy-to-follow guides for creating a one part and two part mold.

QSi’s Silicone Gel Series Brochure

Silicone Gels by QSi are used to protect delicate components and assemblies from vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, as well as guard against moisture corrosion and other atmospheric contaminants. QSi’s silicone gels feature many important physical properties, including low viscosities for easy dispensing, a range of durometers and penetrations, non-slumping thixo gels, and self-bonding capabilities.