Neutral cure silicones have been formulated to meet the high performance standards of MIL-A-46146B and will withstand the most demanding physical conditions. They are neutral cure in that they do not give off any harmful by-products, making them ideal for use in electronics. Silicone adhesives make excellent thermally conductive materials through the addition of specialist fillers. Heat can be dissipated effectively from processors, power units, LED's and any other components to improve performance and product life. They can also be used to improve heat conduction in sensors, radiators and other thermal devices.

Listed below are recommended products by QSi’s technologists for this application. Your options are not limited to these products listed. Please feel free to browse through the complete product series as each application is unique, and may benefit from a product that is not included in the list below.

If you feel the products on our website do not suit your application, please contact our technical team. QSi’s technologists are capable of either modifying specifications in an existing product, or developing a new product that meets your project’s exact requirements.

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*Typical Properties

Product Name Cure Type Durometer Rheology Color Tack Free Time Datasheet
AS1740 Alkoxy 27, Shore A Flowable Translucent 18 mins
AS1745G Alkoxy 35, Shore A Paste Gray 45 mins
AS1745T Alkoxy 35, Shore A Paste Translucent 45 mins
AS1802 Acetone 67, Shore A Self-leveling Gray 4 mins
AS1803 Acetone 65, Shore A Self-leveling White 4 mins
QSil Primer #8 Colorless to pale yellow