Completely Customizable Silicones: The True Skin® series of liquid silicone rubber are user-friendly and can feature a realistic appearance for prosthetics, special effects, animatronics and more. These translucent silicones are:

  • Being addition (platinum) cure, The True Skin® silicones have very low shrinkage properties with great dimensional stability when exposed to humidity or heat.
  • Easy to mix and apply: With a 1:1 mix ratio, it is convenient to weigh and mix the base and catalyst.
  • Pigmentable: Add drastic color effects to the silicone, or match individual skin tones.
  • Robust when diluted: Diluent fluid can be added to the True Skin® silicones to create an even softer, more pliable silicone while maintaining its durability. The diluted silicone also makes it possible to apply in thin sections.

A selection of Specialty Product Enhancers can be used to obtain alternative physical properties, such as the QSil Smooth Coat, Diluent Fluid, and Pot Life Extenders.

Your options are not limited to these products listed. Please feel free to browse through the complete product series as each application is unique, and may benefit from a product that is not included in the list below.

If you feel the products on our website do not suit your application, please contact our technical team. QSi’s technologists are capable of either modifying specifications in an existing product, or developing a new product for your application.

True Skin series packaing




*Typical Properties

Product Name Viscosity* Work Life* Demold Time Durometer* Elongation Tear Strength Datasheet
True Skin® 10 5,000 cps 20 minutes 6 - 8 hours 10, Shore A 1,000% 90 ppi
True Skin® 20 10,000 cps 20 minutes 6 - 8 hours 20, Shore A 1,000% 70 ppi
True Skin® 30 15,000 cps 20 minutes 6 - 8 hours 30, Shore A 1,000% 60 ppi