Bright Ideas

QSi’s technologists excel in presenting solutions in the latest silicone technology. Since inception, QSi’s team has developed a silicone elastomers portfolio that is versatile in performance and has proven to benefit endless applications among customers worldwide.

It is QSi’s goal to best serve you. Therefore, QSi’s team always welcome opportunities to custom formulate a new product specifically designed for your unique application. QSi’s expert technologists are also capable of modifying an existing product to precisely meet your project’s performance requirements. Within the last three years, QSi’s technology team has introduced over 45 new silicone compounds for a myriad of markets.

At QSi, product development is inspired by your needs and requests:

  • Do you need a silicone material that improves product performance, but at a more reasonable cost?
  • Does your application require specific property attributes for electronic applications, such as minimizing CTE strain, and lowering viscosities for an easy flow throughout complex parts, or faster cure times to enhance productivity?
  • Is high thermal conductivity, high dielectric strength, or a specific volume resistivity an important property for your application?
  • Are you looking for a moldmaking silicone with a high durometer, or one that is pourable or brushable? Is a low modulus material with high elongation properties needed? Is an addition cure material required instead of a condensation cure material for your moldmaking application?
  • Would your application benefit from silicone gels with high refractive index, color for contrast enhancement, or optical clarity features?
  • Does your wiring, fabric, or printed circuit board need a silicone coating to provide flame resistance, or would a specific viscosity offer a more consistent coating?
  • Maybe you could use another catalyst option to alter cure time, an additive to create a thinner material that becomes easier to apply, or a thixotropic additive?

QSi’s team will take time to learn about your  application and your project’s performance goals. They will ask important questions to gain thorough insight about your application, which then becomes the key information that fuels our research and the process of formulating a new silicone technology for you.

What bright ideas can QSi develop into silicone technology that will
suit your unique application, improve productivity,
enhance your project’s overall performance?