ABOUT QSi | Quantum Silicones

QSi was founded in 1997 by its two current principals, Tom Loman and Phil McDermott. Both Loman and McDermott have extensive experience in the silicone industry.

Loman held several management positions with GE Silicones in sales and marketing. McDermott started his career at the GE Research & Development Center and then transferred to GE Silicones as an elastomer chemist specializing in two component silicone elastomers. They have since put together a great team of chemists, technicians, chemical operators, sales individuals, etc. to emerge as a leader in specialty silicone technology.

The manufacturing site in Richmond, Virginia utilizes the latest in silicone compounding and equipment. The state of the art laboratory is fully equipped for testing and development.

QSi’s original vision was to manufacture specialized silicone elastomers. This vision remains constant today. QSi’s team is dedicated to our customers in development, supply, service and quality. QSi has a full line of industry proven moldmaking silicones for a wide range of applications such as architectural, statuary, special effects, prosthetics, prototyping and many more.

The extensive line of silicone gels by QSi are currently used in aerospace, automotive, lighting, and electronic applications just to name a few. QSi also offers silicone encapsulants, potting compounds, adhesives, conformal coatings, fabric coatings and optically clear elastomers. These products can be made to enhance or transmit light, conduct heat away from a device and withstand extreme temperatures with high dielectric integrity. Silicones for optical systems with high refractive indices are included in QSi’s portfolio. Additionally, QSi currently has 15 UL listed products for a variety of high-power applications.

The benefits of working with a smaller company like QSi:


  • Product Development
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Extensive Toolbox


  • In Products
  • In Service


  • A very strong technical team with many years of silicone experience.

In short, QSi can offer many benefits that large companies cannot. QSi’s flexible approach and technology make us the ideal partner for the development of your silicone needs. QSi has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and a global team of silicone experts can recommend, customize, and develop a new product for your specific requirements. QSi’s team brings a combination of solid market experience, industry and product knowledge, as well as service beyond expectations. QSi’s team gladly accepts the challenge of your unique application and work directly with your team to develop your silicone solution.

In April 2014 ICM Products purchased the Amber Chemical Company. This acquisition brought QSi and our new silicone technologies under its umbrella. The partnership with such a world class company such as ICM was the perfect fit for QSi. Combined we are all committed to expand, grow our reputation and stature through a combination of organic growth and major product development.

We look forward to serving you and meeting your expectations through our silicone technology. Contact us today!