QSi’s Latest LED Silicone Encapsulant

September 19, 2012

Recently added to the Potting and Encapsulating product family, the QSil 229LV is a two-component, optically clear, liquid silicone.  QSil 229LV provides electrical insulation, shock resistance and also exhibits great transmittance.  This product selection is beneficial for applications including LCD flat panel displays, LED signage and electronic potting/protection.

A few key features to note in the QSil 229LV are 1) its low viscosity, which allows ease of flow around complex parts,  2) a convenient one-to-one mix ratio — for use in either automatic dispensing equipment or hand mixing and 3) a work life that exceeds 24 hours.

Please visit the QSil 229LV page for more information and product specifications.  Keep in mind that both our technologists and sales team members are all available to discuss your unique application. They are able to further educate you on how this product could benefit your project.

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