TufGel 332


TufGel 332 is a clear, tough, moderately cross-linked silicone elastomer, which has good room temperature cure adhesion to many substrates. This material also has enhanced flame retardant properties compared to standard gels. Silicone gels are used to provide protection from vibration and thermal or mechanical shock. Silicone gels also provide excellent moisture protection.



  • One to one mix ratio
  • High strength
  • Dispensing equipment not necessary
  • Non-yellowing catalyst system
  • Good adhesion to many substrates including glass, aluminum, and copper with primer


5 gallon pail kit


SPECIFICATIONS (typical properties)

Durometer : 45, Shore 00
Refractive Index : 1.41
Viscosity : 785 cps
Penetration : N/A
Mix Ratio : 1:1
Gel Time : 5 hours
Color : Transparent
Specific Gravity : 0.97