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QSil 40



QSil 40 is a general purpose two-part, room temperature, condensation cure siloxane elastomer.

The two applicable catalysts are 0.5% QSil DBT by weight and 10% QSil Deep Section Catalyst by weight. Cure speed can be accelerated by adding QSil DBT catalyst in increments of 0.1%. This will not alter the physical properties of the material.

QSil 40 exhibits excellent release properties.  However, strong adhesion can be achieved through the use of a primer.


  • Good adhesion with use of a primer
  • Self-leveling
  • Variable cure speed


SPECIFICATIONS (typical properties)

Durometer : 40, Shore A
Tensile Strength : 200 psi
Tear Strength : 20 ppi
Elongation : 200 %
Viscosity : 11,000 cps
Mix Ratio : 200:1
Gel Time : 45 minutes
Color : White
Specific Gravity : 1.20