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QSil 13



QSil 13 is a clear, transparent, low viscosity, two-component, liquid silicone material which cures at room temperature and can be used for coating or potting applications.  This material is typically mixed at a 100:5 ratio.  Once mixed, the material is self-leveling and will have a useful work-life of approximately two hours.  The material will be fully cured after 24 to 48 hours at room temperature.  This material can also be vulcanized at elevated temperatures (up to 70°C) to increase the cure speed.


  • Low viscosity
  • Variable cure speed, with mild heat
  • Transparency
  • Room temperature cure
  • Good adhesion with use of a primer


SPECIFICATIONS (typical properties)

Durometer : 16, Shore A
Viscosity : 600 cps
Mix Ratio : 20:1
Dielectric Strength : 400 V/mil
Gel Time : 120 minutes
Color : Clear
Specific Gravity : 0.98